COVID-19 Guidelines

While you are waiting for the test please continue to isolate in order to prevent infection to others. If your condition worsens prior to receiving test results, please seek prompt Emergency Room Care.

To monitor your condition the following items are important:

1. A good thermometer. *A temp greater than 101.5 is of concern*
2. A pulse oximeter to measure both blood oxygen and pulse. Your value should be in the range over 95% for oxygen level and pulse should be between 60 and 100 resting. Rapid pulse greater than 100 and pulse oxygen less than 95 is of concern. If oxygen level is less than 90%, go to the ER.

Most individuals who test positive with mild to moderate symptoms do well being managed at home:

1. Take infectious precautions to avoid spread to others: MASK wearing, using separate sleeping and bathroom, proper quarantining, etc.
2. Take Tylenol, Acetaminophen, or Ibuprofen for general discomfort or fever.
3. Drink plenty of fluids to maintain normal blood pressure and good urine output of clear urine. Continue with your usual medications unless directed by your provider to do otherwise.

Severe COVID infection is a medical emergency. Symptoms of pulse ox less than 90%, confusion, increasing shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea vomiting dehydration all are warning signs and warrant prompt Emergency Room Care. Please Do Not Delay going to the Emergency Room or calling 911 if your condition deteriorates.

Follow up at BFM. If your test is positive, this can be done through a virtual visit. This can be scheduled if you have concerns to discuss with your provider or if symptoms persist despite negative test results. If you have a positive test from another facility schedule an appointment during our sick clinic for evaluation.

We are encouraging all patients to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine per CDC recommendations when available through the Virginia Department of Health. At this time our office does not have access to a supply of any of the available vaccinations due to the state’s prioritization of distribution. Hopefully, this supply will change in the near future. Check our website for current updates and the CDC website which is an excellent resource to answer other questions and Covid 19 concerns.

Covid-19 Testing Campaign