"When a doctor completes their PhD - they will graduate with the ability to understand the human condition respective to their field. What cannot be taught to doctors in school is a good business sense for customer relations, a good personality, and just being an all around cool guy/gal. These (very important trust building) qualities are by in-large qualities one is born with. Dr. Blackwood in my experience is relatable and trustworthy, has a good personality, and is an all around cool guy. Heck if he wasn’t your doctor you’d probably want to be his friend! Oh yeah and he really knows all the academic insight you’d hope to gain by going to see a doc."

"I would recommend Blackwood Family Medicine. Professional, friendly, kind, and extremely helpful!"

"I’m a new patient, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how caring the staff and Dr. Reina Blackwood have been."

"They can always work in last minute appointments. I've had nothing but good experiences with the doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants here. Quick to get referrals sent out and they actually LISTEN to you. There are a lot of dismissive doctors out there, but not at this practice. Everyone has been super nice and the wait times aren't long at all."

"I had a unique situation in getting to our first appointment for our newborn daughter. My husband had twisted his ankle as we were headed out the door. Not only did the nurse practitioner bring out a walker for my husband, but she also led us straight to the baby room in the back of the office through an easy access door. I was allowed to stay and nurse in the back too after the appointment. It was a welcome bit of hospitality for this first-time momma. Dr. Blackwood is a seasoned practitioner whom I have been using my whole life, and I had no hesitation in bringing my daughter to him as well."

"Never have to wait. Staff is fast and friendly. Dr. Blackwood is smart, friendly, informative, and never seems like he's rushing you out. My Dr. visits are almost like visiting a friend. Highly recommended."

"Dr. Blackwood has been my family doctor for the last 20 years. He truly cares about his patients and takes the time getting to know you. He is an excellent doctor and wants the very best health for his patients."