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Blackwood Family Medicine in Virginia Beach is your personal physician and medical practice for treating the most intimate concerns of your health and well-being. When you make the choice to be our patient, we know you do not make it lightly. We expect that you have high qualification standards for your personal physician. When you choose Blackwood Family Medicine as your primary care provider, we will deliver the high quality standards you are looking for and more.

If you are a patient and have not been seen in over 2 years or would like to schedule a physical, please call 757-523-0022 as these types of appointments are not available for online scheduling.


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We Are Members of Privia Medical Group

As of June 30, 2020, we are proud members of Privia Medical Group!

Proudly Part of Privia Health


Blackwood Family Medicine is proudly part of Privia Health. Privia connects us with leading doctors in the community to transform healthcare by delivering high-quality, coordinated care that is centered on our patients.

To learn more about the resources that help you manage your healthcare, or to find other Privia doctors, visit their website.

Blackwood Family Medicine

Caring for your entire family
like our own.

Founder Robert C. Blackwood, M.D., has been serving patients in the Virginia Beach / Tidewater area for more than 30 years. Blackwood Family Medicine provides personalized healthcare for your whole family. Their physicians, nurses, and staff are dedicated to treating you with the utmost respect and compassion.

Family medicine is
complete healthcare.

Finding a high-quality family medical practice that is local is convenient. Getting excellent healthcare — for all ages — treating pediatric to senior citizen concerns, and for the whole body and mind, from head to foot, is more than convenient. It is complete healthcare in one location.

"When a doctor completes their PhD - they will graduate with the ability to understand the human condition respective to their field. What cannot be taught to doctors in school is a good business sense for customer relations, a good personality, and just being an all around cool guy/gal. These (very important trust building) qualities are by in-large qualities one is born with. Dr. Blackwood in my experience is relatable and trustworthy, has a good personality, and is an all around cool guy. Heck if he wasn’t your doctor you’d probably want to be his friend! Oh yeah and he really knows all the academic insight you’d hope to gain by going to see a doc."

"I would recommend Blackwood Family Medicine. Professional, friendly, kind, and extremely helpful!"

"I’m a new patient, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how caring the staff and Dr. Reina Blackwood have been."

"They can always work in last minute appointments. I've had nothing but good experiences with the doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants here. Quick to get referrals sent out and they actually LISTEN to you. There are a lot of dismissive doctors out there, but not at this practice. Everyone has been super nice and the wait times aren't long at all."

"I had a unique situation in getting to our first appointment for our newborn daughter. My husband had twisted his ankle as we were headed out the door. Not only did the nurse practitioner bring out a walker for my husband, but she also led us straight to the baby room in the back of the office through an easy access door. I was allowed to stay and nurse in the back too after the appointment. It was a welcome bit of hospitality for this first-time momma. Dr. Blackwood is a seasoned practitioner whom I have been using my whole life, and I had no hesitation in bringing my daughter to him as well."

"Never have to wait. Staff is fast and friendly. Dr. Blackwood is smart, friendly, informative, and never seems like he's rushing you out. My Dr. visits are almost like visiting a friend. Highly recommended."

"Dr. Blackwood has been my family doctor for the last 20 years. He truly cares about his patients and takes the time getting to know you. He is an excellent doctor and wants the very best health for his patients."

Our History

Below is a brief autobiography written by Dr. Robert Blackwood for you to learn more about Blackwood Family Medicine, and for you to understand more about his background and his practice philosophy

About 30 years ago, my wife Catherine and I started our first medical practice in Eastern Canada, where we were living at the time. She managed our staff and bookkeeping while I attended to patients in our clinic and in hospital. Together, Catherine and I enjoyed caring for the needs of our community, teaching Lamaze classes, delivering babies, and making home-visits to the elderly and homebound. As you may know, Canada offers universal healthcare to citizens and permanent residents. The system is funded with tax-dollars and administered by provincial governments. Primary care physicians help reduce the cost of the healthcare system by treating a wide range of illnesses and performing simple and complex procedures depending on their subspecialty. For example, in addition to family medicine, I was trained in obstetrics and trauma medicine. In addition to my role as a family doctor in a town of 10,000, I also made rounds at the local hospital, nursing homes, made home visits, and delivered an average of 60 babies a year. Professionally, it was quite challenging to work under the system of socialized medicine that is in place in Canada, especially in a rural setting (although I understand many improvements have been made since then). On the one hand, I had immensely rewarding relationships with my patients and I could practice medicine in a traditional way. On the other hand, compensation was low, and our growing family required more and more support.

In 1994 we moved to Virginia, hoping to find more opportunities for our children. After five years of practice with two large medical groups–and many concerns about the quality of care they offered–I decided it was time to start our own business. I wanted to practice medicine by putting the patient first, unconstrained by the edicts of executives and bureaucrats who often know little of medicine, let alone the needs of particular patients. So, without knowing if we would succeed or fail, I started this practice and became my own boss. The first years weren’t painless. In order to keep us afloat, I worked nights and weekends as an Emergency Room Physician, and Catherine, in addition to her role as office manager, had the enormous responsibility of caring for our ten children. But over time, we built a thriving practice.

Our business has grown over the years and I believe it is because we have put our patients’ needs first: we are committed above all to caring for them as individuals and to providing them with the highest level of medical attention in the context of an extremely impersonal healthcare industry, in which individuals and their medical needs are often lost while waiting on hold with their insurer or simply ignored in favor of the bottom line. To us, the patient is a real human being with needs, loves, concerns, anxieties, abilities, and all the other complex set of things that go into making each of us who we are. Caring for them is a privilege that I am honored to have. Our philosophy of a medical home–providing personalized, comprehensive, coordinated, and continuous care– is not an empty selling point: it is what we do.

Yours sincerely,
Robert C. Blackwood MD

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