Why Choose Blackwood Family Medicine?

Blackwood Family Medicine (formerly Family Medicine Center) strives to be your family’s primary medical caregiver treating adult, pediatric, and women’s health issues along with the most common medical illnesses, injuries, and ailments at one convenient location.

Our purpose is to be your go-to center for primary care as it pertains to the health and well-being of you and your family.

Why Choose a Family Medicine Practice?

Choosing Blackwood Family Medicine is choosing the best family doctors and best family medical practice for your family.

Medicine in today’s world can be very fragmented and complicated.

Family Medicine Doctors

Some are a part of much larger medical groups where patients are often treated like their illness or a number. These family practices are pressured to see as many patients in a day as possible – profits come first.

A family medicine clinic may be part of a teaching hospital where new residents come and go every 3 to 4 years. Just when you get a good relationship established, in comes a new resident and you have to start again.

Family Care Physicians Who Know You

Both these examples are missing a personal relationship and depth of knowledge for a unique individual’s medical history. No one, especially in the vulnerable moments when you are not feeling well, wants to feel rushed or try to remember all of his or her existing and previous conditions to tell a strange doctor so he may accurately treat you.

Dedicated Family Practitioner

Blackwood Family Medicine has the best reason for becoming a patient in our practice. We include the human factor when treating our patients. We listen to you. We advise you. We know you. We care about you.

Preventative Care – Fun Facts

Germs are easily spread to the masses, and children are notorious as carriers. There are many preventive measures that parents can teach their children to keep them on the good side of health.

Forming good habits in hygiene as a youngster will transition into adulthood, helping your family and community stay ahead of many diseases.

Teach good hand-washing skills and when to use them.

local-doctorsA good length of time is at least 20 seconds… approximately the same amount of time it takes to sing the happy birthday song. It is important to use soap, continually rub your soapy hands under the running water, and for the best results, dry them with a cloth or paper towel. Wash hands:

  • If you sneeze or cough into your hands.
  • After using the restroom.
  • Before handling food or eating.
  • After playing with pets or animals.
  • After touching handrails or other highly used public features.

The best way to cover a sneeze or cough

pediatrics-after-hoursCover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Then promptly throw it in the trash. However, when a tissue is not handy, the second option is to bury your face in the bend of your arm; also known as the Dracula move. Both methods are intended to minimize the spread of germs. If you happen to sneeze or cough into your hands, wash them quickly and don’t touch anything until you do. Always use a tissue to wipe or blow your nose.


Child Safety Tips from Your Kids Doctors

To minimize the need for pediatric urgent care, instill basic health and safety behaviors in your children when they are young.

  • Seat belt safety is life-saving. Children don’t understand that wearing a seat belt or being strapped into a car seat is required by law. They are capable of understanding that it is for their safety. Teach them to stay buckled up.
  • Bike and safety helmets save brains. Traumatic brain injury can lead to a life of major challenges for a child. Protect their brains. No helmet equals no skating, no skateboarding, no biking, no fun. A good rule of thumb–if the pros wear it (for safety), so should you.
  • Sleep is not just for beauty. A child’s body and brain need lots of rest to refresh, heal, and regenerate. Specify the importance of a good night’s sleep as essential to growing up strong and healthy.